Dallas Erotique Art Show
by MonAlyssa


8 Inches Below:

The Dallas Erotique Art Shows presents works of art that are only 8 inches and smaller. Representations of different type of media will be displayed for sale during the art show. We will have music, drinks and entertaintment by burlesque performers and dancers. Proceeds will benefit a Texas charity.

Coming Shows

Live, love, Be Erotique

GThis is our sixth show and we are growing strong. Founded on the premise of giving back to the community, the show has been growing strong and its going on its 6th show. Thank you for all that come an support our cause

Coming Shows

Introducing * inches Below!


Art comes alive

We combine creative The DEAS is a place to explore and find sexy little things and at the same time dance and enjoy a great time.

Due to the nature of the show, masks are required. Some of our guest prefer to be anonymous through this naughty experience.

We are looking.....

Inspired Thinking. Ask smarter questions, push for innovative solutions and believe in the power of creativity. Be consistently open and honest. Be true to ourselves and our values. Find, stimulate and maintain the best minds.

Core Values

Art for sale

Ins Now offering art for sale online. If you like anything you saw during the show, just log into out website and fin the piece and purchase it online. Its as easy as 1-2-3..

Our contribution

We've Our contribution to the community wull never end. We are pleased to contribute to a Texas charity that has been involved in our lives and in many other lives through and through. If you are interested in donating to this charity or would like to find ot more abou it, please contact

We love to hear from you!

  • Please send us a line if there is an issue or you are interested in any way to be part of our amazing shows. We are ready to hear what you have to say.
  • We offer
  • Art
  • Penis casting
  • Entertainments
  • --Burlesque
  • --Dance
  • Erotic drinks:
  • -blow job shots
  • -buttery nipples
  • -sexy on the beach
  • Chocolate in shape of a penis:
  • - Dark
  • - Brown
  • - White



Do you have telent?

Can you belly dance, burlesque, paint on body? model?

Art and Design

EDo you have what it takes to design a fabouls gown? sexy fetish apperral? Get with us so we can create our next fashion show together. We are innovative and creative as well.


We need latex, leather and lace.

We need you.

Please sponsor us. See our sponsor page for packages offered.